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What is MP4 file?

A file with the .mp4 file extension is an MPEG-4 video file format. MP4s are one of the more common video file formats used for downloading and streaming videos from the internet. It’s a highly versatile and compressed video format that also can store audio, subtitles, and still images. MP4 files were created under the ISO/IEC 14496-12:2001 standard by the ISO/IEC and Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG). Because of this, MP4 is an international standard for audio-visual coding.

How to open MP4 file?

Windows operating system

Windows users can play MP4 files without having to install any third-party software. Windows uses Windows Media Player by default.

Mac operating system

MacOS users can play MP4 files without having to install any third-party software. MacOS uses QuickTime by default to play MP4 files.

Android operating system

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. VLC is available Here »

IOS operating system

PlayerXtreme is a famous video player fo IOS devices. With PlayerXtreme you can watch your movies on the go from anywhere even if they’re in any format or they don’t normally play or even sync with your iPhone! Download PlayerXtreme & start transferring & watching your favorite movies without conversion!. PlayerXtreme is able to run files in almost any video format including: 3gp, asf, avi, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, WebM, wm, wmv, iso, wtv, video_ts . PlayerXtreme can be downloaded from Here »